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Linyi Ruili Hardware Co., Ltd. Is established by the executives and the core technicians of Shandong Double Hill Electronic Lock Co.,Ltd. Which is one of the "China's top 10 locks King".
Company is located in the Economic Development Zone of Linyi city in Shandong Province, is a collection of scientific research, development, production, sales as one of high-grade hardware manufacturing enterprise.

  • 1884


    BELVEDERE Started in 1884

  • 130


    Inherited more than 130 years of traditional craftsmanship



05 -16

Belvedere Bronze Lock Shuangshan Hardware Strategic Partner of the Great Hall of the People!


05 -16

At the 14th Guangzhou Construction Expo in 2012, Bellevue grandly launched a series of special locks for copper doors, steel doors and anti-theft doors. Body, stainless steel precision casting anti-drilling sleeve,


05 -16

Guangdong News Network broadcasts Shuangshan Hardware and Belvedere bronze locks to participate in the construction expo.


05 -16

Group photo of Shuangshan Hardware Bellevue Construction Expo participants and regional managers


05 -16

The 14th Construction Expo held in Guangzhou from July 8th to 11th attracted many domestic businessmen to visit and negotiate. Shuangshan Hardware Belvedere copper locks attracted many businessmen to visit and negotiate with its unique product style,


05 -16

Recently, Ruili Hardware invested in a new automatic electroplating production line in Dongxing Electroplating Center, Hedong District. Under the premise of satisfying the multi-color and multi-batch of Shuangshan hardware series products, it also undertakes the electroplating production of copper products.

Technology changes lives

Success comes from continuous efforts, we adhere to the quality-based, innovative technology, reputation for development, sincere service to customers at home and abroad, hand in hand to create a better tomorrow.

Our Advantages

It is a high-grade hardware manufacturing enterprise which integrates scientific research, development, production and sales. 

Quality Assurance

The company is the exclusive supplier of two famous American companies, BOUVET and SDH, and its products occupy the high-grade brass locks market in North America, Middle East and Asia, and the company strictly implements ISO9001 quality management system.


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The Zhimadun Industrial Zone, The Economic and Technological Development Zone, Linyi City, Shandong, China 

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